Running the Transparent Film Festival has enabled us to critically view hundreds of submissions in our first year and provide notes to filmmakers. Often times, filmmakers submit films as mediocre features, when they could in fact submit an award worthy short. From color to ambient sound, transitions to credits and more, email us for examples of how we’ve helped filmmakers drastically upgrade their work.

Jumpy frames, lo-resolution shots, audio levels, subtitles, and synch issues will keep your film from being considering by the major streaming platforms (except Amazon who are known as “bottom feeders” and will take anything. We’ll screen your film and advise you as to where we see problems and give you a roadmap to fixing them. We can do the editing.


If you are looking to get your film into theaters, understand that no distributor will take your film without insurance. We work with several reputable Insurance Brokerages who can secure a reasonable quote for your film. It isn’t even necessary to purchase the insurance until you have a signed distribution agreement. If someone agrees to take on your film but doesn’t ask whether or not you have obtained E&O Insurance, they are most likely not credible.


It is vital, that you comb through every frame of your film and make sure you’re not exposed to legal action, frivolous or not. Otherwise you’ll be giving up part, perhaps all of your revenues. From releases, to credits and attributions, publishing and other considerations, we’ll do a top down run through and provide a “hit list” of every potential issue that might leave you exposed.


When submitting to distributors, sales agents or festivals, it is important to keep in mind that, all too often, people make snap judgments. They may look at the way you have packaged your submission, view your trailer, supporting documentation and images, and base their decision on that – without watching a single frame of your film.

From movie posters, to lists of distributors and sales agents, leave the film marketing to us.